1. Empowerment of Pakistani Youth

  • HFLO is simply politics free organization and it is not under influence of any political, ethnic and religious group. In this way youth may find a healthy environment to pursue their skills without any pressure what so ever.
  • We also work on the awareness of HIV/AIDs and other STDs that Youth should be aware about them.
  • We don’t make members; we simply make Friends, in this way the youth is never going to feel that they are stuck with boring and nerdy professionals.

2. Education for the Under-Privilege Children

  • We started this organization with this aim that we will educate the children of these people because these people have great love for their country and they can improve the living standard of other people.
  • We started to work on issue related to Child welfare and Education.
  • To provide specialized and technical education to underprivileged children, also in the form of IT and Computer Education.
  • To sensitize common people about the condition of deprived children.
  • To provide the students with the appropriate environment as well as back up for education.
  • To initiate & strengthen the process of overall development amongst the Government school children from socio-economically deprived sections of the society.


“Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”

– French Proverb 

3. Awareness & Consciousness among Youth about HIV-AIDS

  • To strengthen government efforts in leadership and clarify governmental responsibility.
  • To provide free treatment and medicines to HIV/AIDS patients who are economically disadvantaged.
  • To improve laws and regulations and intensify the intervention for HIV risk behaviors.
  •  To protect the legitimate rights of HIV-infected individuals and oppose social discrimination against them.
  • To be more active in international cooperation.

4. Protection of Social Values, Heritage & Environment

  • To develop a sense of morality among the masses and encourage the betterment of the oppressed and downtrodden section of the society.
  • To arrange for yoga and meditation classes to help maintain peace of mind, etc.
  • To work for the protection and preservation of wildlife and environment.
  • To encourage the farming community for the promotion and development of floriculture and horticulture for commercial benefit.
  • Betterment of the villagers in all aspects like socio-economic, cultural, educational.
  • To protect the cultural heritage.
  • To bring about awareness regarding health issue hence improving the health status of the area.
  • To promote the educational, social, religious and cultural interests of the society and to extend help to the villagers.
  • To create a healthy pollution free environment and bring awareness regarding education, health and hygiene.


“Hope is patience with the lamp lit.”


5. Efforts for Human Rights

  • To develop an understanding of Human rights/Children’s rights
  • To cultivate an insight into other people’s problems and their causes
  • To inspire compassion linked to social and moral responsibility
  • To enhance the skills of communication, and participation in the community.
  • To develop the ability to make choices, set goals and take action.

6. Promoting the concept of Altruism & Welfare of the Disabled

  • Volunteer works for improvement of the children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc’s performance in their educational, vocational, psychological and physical sphere during their formative years of development with active participation of normal children, guardians and teachers.
  •  To create opportunity for social and cultural activities for mainstreaming of their talents.
  • To facilitate rehabilitation of children through vocational; skill development, etc.
  •  To create activities of art and culture such as painting, clay modeling, etc. with focus on the under privileged classes.
  • To exhibit, market and export the handicrafts, products and articles made by the children, men and women of various societies.

7. Relief & Support Activities in Time of Distress & Calamity

  • To support and cooperate with persons and groups already engaged in similar activities.
  • To raise the required human and other resources to achieve the group objectives.
  • To collect donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the society.


“In all things it is better to hope than to despair”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe