Hope for Life Organization (HFLO) is a non-governmental organization, launched on 01-Jan-2011 by a group of volunteers. Hope for Life Organization (HFLO) is being created for the empowerment of youth as they are the backbone of any nation, to provide employment and train them to cope with the challenges of practical life in a successful manner. HFLO is simply politics free organization and it is not under influence of any political, ethnic and religious group. In this way youth may find a healthy environment to pursue their skills without any pressure what so ever. We started this organization with this aim that we will educate the children of these people because these people have great love for their country and they can improve the living standard of other people. We will also work on the awareness of HIV/AIDs and other STDs that people should be aware about them. We don’t make members; we simply make Friends, in this way the youth is never going to feel that they are stuck with boring and nerdy professionals.

We are active in raising funds for flood relief and rehabilitation of the victims in collaboration with different NGOs.
We are working for people who are lacking of their basic facilities of life. Our mission is to make the people educated and they should be aware of their basic human rights and to make able an ordinary man that he/she fight for their rights.
We are continuously organizing lectures and group discussions on various appealing issues of youth.
We are running a campaign in which we send motivational and awareness text messages.
We provide individual counseling for free
We represent and raise the voice of youth.
To bridge the communication gap between generations, we usually organize events in which parents and children can come closer.